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January - Vegan Veggie Burgers

This Vegan Veggie Burger review is on Vegan Freak Radio, podcast #26.

The Vegan Veggie Burgers brought out 10 people, thats 6 more people than the Chocolate party! I would have thought Chocolate would have been the biggie. Next month is wine, I wonder if I’ll have enough room in my apartment for everyone.

Here are the judges!
Niki, Kim, Michelle, Evelin, me, Sheryl, Kristine, Jen and not pictured are Wendy and Dan.

Here are the Vegan Veggie Burgers!

I picked up 9 different Vegan Veggie Burgers. I started at my local Health Food Store, I was surprised that they only had 1 type of Vegan Veggie Burger. I bought that one and then stopped at every grocery store within half an hour. Most stores only had the Veggie Burgers, they didn't have Vegan versions. But not Stop & Shop, they had so many choices for me.

Best Overall
Gardenburger, Black Bean

Best, Vegans only
Gardenburger, Black Bean

Best, Meat eaters only
Dr. Praeger’s California Burger

Best Price
Morningstar Farms, Vegan Burger

Sunshine Burgers, Original
$3.85, box of 3
Overall – 6.8
Vegans – 8.3
Meat Eaters – 5.8

  • Tastes like a big dip burger, awesome!
  • It’s green...
  • Very veggie, very good!
  • It’s a little too green for me. It was very good, but not what I’d be looking for in a “burger.” However, if you knew in advance what to expect it would be great!
  • Really good, not like any other.

Sunshine Burger, South West
$3.85, box of 3
Overall – 5.1
Vegans – 6.9
Meat Eaters – 3.9

  • Delish!
  • Not a fan of spicy burgers.
  • A little crumbly. I’m a little unsure, it tastes good, but the texture is unidentifiable. I love the spice. Quite spicy even for someone who loves spice!
  • Too salty and too spicy.

Gardenburger, Black Bean
$3.99, box of 4
Overall – 7.2
Vegans – 8.8
Meat Eaters – 6.2

  • The taste is great. It reminds me of a bean burrito with a kick.
  • Spicy aftertaste. Beans! Yum. Tastes like a burrito.
  • Great black bean taste
  • Too spicy.
  • Too salty.

Mornignstar Farms, Vegan Burger
$3.69, box of 4
Overall – 5.3
Vegans – 4.5
Meat Eaters – 5.8

  • Tastes like Boca burgers.
  • Needs more flavor.
  • Meat-like texture. I think it tastes great.
  • Kind of meaty.
  • Slap some gravy on that sucker and it would taste just like the Salisbury steak meat pucks they used to serve in middle school.
  • Tastes like a hamburger.
  • Not bad, but not the best either.

Amy’s California Burger
$4.25, box of 4
Overall – 6.3
Vegans – 7.3
Meat Eaters – 5.6

  • Very veggie and grainy, yummy.
  • Dry, but ok.
  • Almost feels and tastes like a Chinese dish with the combination of rice and vegetable.
  • Crunchy and gooey!
  • Good but not as good as Amy’s Amercian Veggie Burger

Amy’s American Veggie Burger
$4.25, box of 4
Overall – 6.4
Vegans – 6.6
Meat Eaters – 6.2

  • I can taste the vegetables.
  • Edible, but not for me.
  • This was delicious. A veggie taste with a smoky hint. The texture was a little mushy, but I think it would please both vegan and nonvegans.
  • Mildly spicy with a nice texture.
  • I like that it isn’t trying to be meat. Veggies aren’t meat man, don’t even play.

Dr. Praeger’s California Burger
$4.29, box of 4
Overall – 6.6
Vegans – 7.0
Meat Eaters – 6.3

  • The taste was okay. But the veggies were way too big. I would rather buy fresh veggies and make a sandwich.
  • Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner! It tastes like veggies and that’s okay!
  • Brocoli is good, tries not to imitate meat. YAY.
  • I didn’t like it.

Dr. Praeger’s Bombay Burger
$4.29, box of 4
Overall – 5.4
Vegans – 6.0
Meat Eaters – 5.0

  • Spicy Indian taste with lots of veggies.
  • Soft, breaks apart, some spice.
  • Tasty but super mushy. Nice spice, curry-esque.
  • There are peas in there. PEAS.
  • Nice Indian taste. Spicy after taste, but its balanced.
  • Weird – there’s whole veggies in it.

Veggie-licious Burger
$3.50, box of 2
Overall – 4.5
Vegans – 4.3
Meat Eaters – 4.7

  • Smoky, different.
  • Upon first bite it reminded me of my dogs “jerky treats”
  • Meaty and super salty.
  • Fake smoky taste. This is what Burger King serves during Mad Cow outbreaks.


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